5 Essential Things You Must Know Before Renting Chest Freezers for Your Business

Chest freezers are a must have equipment for many companies, particularly in the food and hospitality industry. They offer a lot of storage space for all your raw ingredients, cooked food that need to be chilled as well as fresh supplies so you can always serve the best quality foods to your customers. It is no wonder you will hardly miss a chest freezer in most restaurants, cafeterias and canteens in Australia. Before buying or renting from fridges Melbourne suppliers, there are a couple of things you must know about chest freezers for you to make the most out them.

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Here are 5 top essential things you should know

1.   Chest freezers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes

While these types of freezers are designed to store goods in large quantities, they also vary in shape and sizes. You can choose from small, medium, or large, as well as double or single compartments.

It is, therefore, important to first determine what goods will be stored in the freezer. For larger products like frozen meat, you can hire a large single compartment chest freezer and go for the medium or small freezers for storing ice creams.

2.   Chest freezers are designed for specific purposes

Commercial fridges Melbourne suppliers usually stock chest freezers for different use. There are medical chest freezers that are used to store tissue samples and medication while you also have commercial freezers for butchers, restaurants or home use.

When contacting a supplier to rent a freezer, make sure you ask for the specific fridge that will meet your need and purpose.

3.   They don’t defrost automatically

Unlike other types of fridges, chest freezers require a manual defrost. Since such commercial freezers are meant to run a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week, it is important that you defrost the freezer whenever required so it can run optimally at its most functional.

4.   Have a manual temperature regulator

All commercial chest freezers come with a manual temperature regulator that allow you to set the right conditions needed to preserve whatever food item or goods stored in the freezer.

Accordingly, you should always check the label with Cold Display Solutions and confirm the right temperature required to extend the life of your food items. Manual temperature regulator also helps you save on energy costs.

5.   Chest freezers come with different features

Different fridge brands have their value-added features to their products.

Some features to look out for when looking at possible fridge freezer hire are such as:

–        Anti-rust protection

–        Low noise operation

–        Fast cooling speed

–        Sturdy casters

–        PVC coated wire basket

In conclusion, these are the absolute things you need to know about chest freezers before renting one. Always do your due diligence to research on the quality of the fridge and determine what value it will add to your business before contacting any freezers suppliers in your area.

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