Buying a Used Car 101: Inspecting the Tyres Guide

Several things come to mind when looking at used cars for sale Queensland has to offer. For example, you may be concerned about the cost, the mileage, and how the car looks inside and outside. An obviously absent item from this list is the car tyre, which actually helps the vehicle move forward.

The tyres affect a host of things in your car, including its handling, comfort, braking, and even fuel economy. When buying second hand cars for sales, it is critical that you take a close look at the tyres they have. Below is a quick tyre inspection guide that will not only save you money but also tell you more about the vehicle you are about to purchase.

Check the tread depth

The first thing you should check is to ensure that there is enough tread left, because too little means that your ride will be severely compromised in wet conditions. Knowing the amount of tread left also helps in negotiating for a lower price of the used car. In Australia, the minimum legal tread depth allowed on tyres is 1.6mm, which means you should replace them ASAP.

An inexpensive and simple means of measuring the wear on the tyres is through a tread depth gauge available at many auto stores. You can also use the tread depth indicator that built into the tyre’s grooves. If they are flush with a raised thread, consider replacing. See more at Scenic Motors

Inspect for uneven wear

Naturally, tyres will wear and the tread depth diminishes with each kilometre. However, uneven wear across the tyre surface suggests a possible mechanical problem with the vehicle or poor maintenance. Uneven tyre wear may be a result of drivetrain or suspension problems, improper alignment, and an indicator that the previous owner has been neglecting the tyre rotation.

Under-inflated tyres in cars for sale Queensland offers tend to cause premature wear on the outer edges, while over-inflation causes the tread to wear at the centreline. Uneven wear causes the tyre to heat up faster, wear out faster, and may even compromise driving.

Check tyres are the same size and type

Mismatched tyres in cars for sale near Beaudesert are a sign that everything is not right with a vehicle’s history. Further, mismatching tyres increases the chances of jeopardising the car’s handling due to the different tread patterns and compounds. Crosscheck the specifications written in the driver side doorjamb against those on the tyre’s sidewall.

A too small tyre will not hold the vehicle’s weight properly, which is a safety concern. Fortunately, all Scenic cars for sale are given a thorough inspection to ensure you get the best second hand car for your requirements.

Where to go

If you are looking for a used car with good-to-go tyres and clean history, you need to look no further than Scenic Motors. With the largest collection of cars for sale Queensland has for you to see online and knowledgeable advisors, the company is ready to help you buy the used car of your dreams. They allow you to inspect and drive a car before you commit yourself, making them the one-stop-shop for all your new and used car needs. For more information, visit their website at:

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