Getting a high speed camera? Here’s how to choose the best one

Now that you have determined your need for a high speed camera, it is time to explore your options. If you’re not familiar with these type of camera, the specifications can be overwhelming. There are numerous camera brands out there with various models, making it more difficult for you to choose the best one. Fortunately, this article will help you streamline your choices.

Before you decide on a specific camera, consider these factors and specifications first:

Frame Rate

The frame rate is the number of video frames per second (fps) that a camera is able to capture. You have to have an idea of how much fps you need in order to capture an event in full detail. Then, you can look for a high speed camera in Australia that tech companies are selling. You can find high-end cameras that deliver crisp images at 100,000 fps.

Low-cost high-speed cameras provide frame rates of about 1000 fps. Mobile phones are also becoming more equipped with frame rates of 120–240 fps. At best, superior quality high-speed cameras can have up to 1,000,000 fps.

Make sure that you know how much your required frame rate is. You wouldn’t want to spend too much on a camera with too much frame rate that you don’t need. Additionally, you will want a camera with specifications that actually fit your need.

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed (also called exposure time) is the amount of time the camera’s shutter is open to expose more light to the sensor. During low-light shots, longer shutter speeds are needed. For fast-moving objects, shorter shutter speeds are required. Shutter speed is an important factor to prevent motion blur during high-speed shots.

When buying an Australian high speed camera, get one with a sensor that can shoot at very short shutter speeds. The sensor should also be sensitive enough to capture enough light to maintain a high quality. Both of these should be present so that your images aren’t blurred and dark.


An important factor that you should also pay attention to is a camera’s resolution. This is measured in pixels. The resolution of the camera you choose will greatly influence the detail of the images it will produce. There are various standards in which resolutions are presented. The more megapixels the camera has, the more versatile it is.

You might see mobile phones with resolutions, such as 16 MP. Movies and films are also presented with resolutions such as 1080p and 720p. If you buy high speed camera Australia tech companies sell, make sure that you select one with a high resolution. It will allow you to zoom in an area and give you more options on aspect ratio.

Light Sensitivity

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before buying a camera is to check its light sensitivity. Light plays a necessary role in high-speed imaging. First off, sufficient light allows you to shoot at shorter shutter speeds without motion blur. It also affects the quality of the videos, because all of your outputs will look dark without it. Lastly, sufficient light allows you to focus better. Look for a camera with high ISO value. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive a camera is.

Finding premium-quality, high-speed cameras can be challenging. Additionally, the software needed to operate it might require training on its usage.

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Gadgets and Gizmos: The Latest POS Trends

Unlike the common notion that a POS is a device, POS or point of sale is actually a period in the business transaction where the business process is done. The POS that everyone refers to like the POS at Simtek is a device that aids people making their POS reports which is also known as a cash register. It basically speeds up work, inventory and data keeping for companies especially if your company is huge. Because these things are technological gadgets, they are not exempted to the rapid ever-changing nature of the tech world. This article will give you an insight on the latest trends in this part of technology.

Electronic Wallets (E Wallets)

Electronic wallets such as Android pay and Apple pay are among the trends that are flocking the market today because they are so convenient. This eliminates lining up down the cash register. This is because you just need a scanner which can be downloaded thru apps and Android or Apple pay. Once the barcode has been scanned, it will display how much it would cost and automatically charge it to your bank account or credit card that has been tied up with your electronic wallet (Apple pay or Android Pay). So that means all you have to do is scan, and proceed with the payment: no lines, no hassle.

Smartphone and tablet POS

With over billions of smartphones and tablets produced every year and the power that comes in them, it isn’t a wonder why  companies that sell POS systems like the POS at Simtek are using these technology with their products. Not only that they are lightweight, they are much easier to maintain. In addition to that, these devices are mobile unlike the desktop computers that were commonly used for POS systems!

Another advantage that the smartphone and tablet POS systems have is the software that is used. Unlike the desktop computers that often require you to buy software from companies, you can download apps that imitate these functions at a much lesser price! There are also firms that can develop an app for you if you wish to, but, there is usually an extra charge to that because the app is going to be customized according to your company’s needs.

Chip and Pin Cards

There has been a doubt among around 10 years ago especially when an American citizen named Edward Snowden was able to expose and leaked high level classified information. A lot of people felt unsafe because if a simple man was able to get into sophisticated and secured files, how much more for credit card information which are a lot simpler. This is why major corporations such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and the likes agreed to make their cards a lot safer thus pins and chips were mandated. The POS at Simtek for example is only one of the companies that are incorporating this in their systems. Aside from pin and chip cards, some technology are even incorporating NFC compatibility with their systems.

EC Versus Air Conditioner and DC Motors: The Distinctions and Benefits Between Fan Motors

When dealing with electric motors in Australia, you will most likely come by three types. These are AC electric motors, EC fans electric motors, and other DC motors Australia has. However, do you know the difference between the three? Keep reading and discover:

dc motors Australia

The Difference Between Air Conditioning, DC, and EC Motors

DC motors are one type of electrical device that transforms direct energy into power. This sort of motor greatly relies upon carbon brushes as well as a commutation ring to reroute the current in the blades.

The DC motors Australia has today are understood to be effective, yet their performance tends to be affected by how well the the initial resistance, brush rubbing, and eddy current work.

Air Conditioner fans electric motors are an additional kind of electrical motor which utilises alternating electricity (where Air Conditioning comes from). Both fundamental parts (normally found in Air Conditioner induction electric motors), specifically the outdoors stator and also the within rotor, are both provided with alternating energy to generate two collections of the electromagnetic field.

Nonetheless, the magnetic field generated by the rotor may be generated by slip rings, DC or Air Conditioner electric windings, or irreversible magnets. AC motors are said to be less effective when compared with the DC motors Australia has as the former only operate at a specific factor of the efficiency curve. Once they get to the maximum efficiency, they merely go down dramatically.

EC motors are DC motors regulated by an exterior motherboard or variable-frequency drive. However, these motors are brushless. In fact, this type of electric motor is additionally called Brushless Australia DC motors or Concurrent DC Electric Motor.

Advantages of EC Motors

EC motors are now one of the most popular types of motors as these are considered one of the most effective compared with various other kinds of electric motors. Learn why many people utilise EC followers electric motors in Australia:

30% much more effective compared to Air Conditioning followers electric motors

EC fans motors are said to be approximately 30% more reliable compared with various other motors due to various factors. Initially, the EC motors electrical power input continually adapts to successfully use energy. Second, the electromagnetic field generally originates from permanent magnets rather than copper windings.

One more point is that an EC fan electric motor’s mechanical commutation is replaced by digital circuitry, providing the armature existing at the correct time as well as in the appropriate direction. This makes EC fans motors Australia power efficient in whatever sector.

Could Be Quickly Controlled

Using wireless controller software for EC fans, it could be less complicated to control such electric motors. You can regulate the rate, ramp-up time, and also the greenhouse. It generally uses an encrypted information to protect the sender and also receiver.

Longer Life Expectancy

When compared with A/C fans as well as various other varieties of DC motors in Australia, EC followers have a longer life expectancy because of its much lower temperature level as compared to AC and DC fans. An additional point is that EC fans are brushless, making it independent to these things that at some point wear out.

With Integrated Regularity Control

With an incorporated regularity converter, EC followers can be managed electronically using software programmed in your computer. With such innovation, every feature as well as component of the EC fans electric motors is controlled to adapt to fill needs and usage, making these types of electric motors reliable and also green.

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5 Essential Things You Must Know Before Renting Chest Freezers for Your Business

Chest freezers are a must have equipment for many companies, particularly in the food and hospitality industry. They offer a lot of storage space for all your raw ingredients, cooked food that need to be chilled as well as fresh supplies so you can always serve the best quality foods to your customers. It is no wonder you will hardly miss a chest freezer in most restaurants, cafeterias and canteens in Australia. Before buying or renting from fridges Melbourne suppliers, there are a couple of things you must know about chest freezers for you to make the most out them.

fridges melbourne

Here are 5 top essential things you should know

1.   Chest freezers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes

While these types of freezers are designed to store goods in large quantities, they also vary in shape and sizes. You can choose from small, medium, or large, as well as double or single compartments.

It is, therefore, important to first determine what goods will be stored in the freezer. For larger products like frozen meat, you can hire a large single compartment chest freezer and go for the medium or small freezers for storing ice creams.

2.   Chest freezers are designed for specific purposes

Commercial fridges Melbourne suppliers usually stock chest freezers for different use. There are medical chest freezers that are used to store tissue samples and medication while you also have commercial freezers for butchers, restaurants or home use.

When contacting a supplier to rent a freezer, make sure you ask for the specific fridge that will meet your need and purpose.

3.   They don’t defrost automatically

Unlike other types of fridges, chest freezers require a manual defrost. Since such commercial freezers are meant to run a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week, it is important that you defrost the freezer whenever required so it can run optimally at its most functional.

4.   Have a manual temperature regulator

All commercial chest freezers come with a manual temperature regulator that allow you to set the right conditions needed to preserve whatever food item or goods stored in the freezer.

Accordingly, you should always check the label with Cold Display Solutions and confirm the right temperature required to extend the life of your food items. Manual temperature regulator also helps you save on energy costs.

5.   Chest freezers come with different features

Different fridge brands have their value-added features to their products.

Some features to look out for when looking at possible fridge freezer hire are such as:

–        Anti-rust protection

–        Low noise operation

–        Fast cooling speed

–        Sturdy casters

–        PVC coated wire basket

In conclusion, these are the absolute things you need to know about chest freezers before renting one. Always do your due diligence to research on the quality of the fridge and determine what value it will add to your business before contacting any freezers suppliers in your area.

If you are looking to hire chest freezer in Melbourne, Austria then search no further than the best fridges Melbourne dealers with quality assured products.

Influence of mobile apps on businesses

The sporadic increase of the mobile devices and their usage has prompted numerous new trends and applications. With powerful operating systems, mobile devices can now host variety of apps which you can use to do many things. App development companies have sprung up as the demand of interactive, engaging and fun filled apps is growing day by day. Good software development services today focus on niches, while creating a wide array of apps for mobile device users.

software development services

Where are they available?

Apps are available either free or for a price at distribution platforms in mobile devices. Popular platforms include App Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play whereas there are plethora of others. Apps can be downloaded directly from these platforms to your mobile device. They can also be downloaded via the internet on your laptop and later transferred to your mobile device.

Impact of apps on businesses

Mobile apps have transformed various aspects of our lives. Companies have taken note of this and are now focusing on creating apps that help accentuate customer experience and satisfaction. From self-service apps to using QR Code readers, companies have fully integrated apps into their business operations to promote their products and services.

How are companies using apps?

Digital significance of apps is enormous. Many companies are now hiring app development companies to create apps that showcase their products and services. Apps are easily downloadable and customers can easily interact with them. Companies are therefore making apps core element of their marketing strategies.  For this reason they want to work with an app development company that can help them create different apps according to their needs.

Apps are used in variety of ways by companies. Mostly it is used as a mobile kiosk for their customers to control their services themselves. For instance many banks offer their customers apps where they can check their balance, transfer funds and much more. Companies can hire an app development company to help create these kinds of apps to help in relieving customers from hassles of working with customer service and to self-service themselves.

Many companies are using game apps. In these apps the story of the game will be highlighting the company’s key product or service. However the general idea behind these game apps is to entertain customers without actually selling anything.

Lastly companies commission their app development company to create apps to cater to unique needs or to complement a marketing campaigns. These apps are developed for a short period of time after which they go offline. For instance many companies tend to make apps along major sporting events like FIFA World Cup for their customers to track their favorite team performances. These are created to generate goodwill for the company and are accompanied by prizes and other alluring campaigns.

Apps for companies

A regular company is dependent on numerous tools to ensure smooth operation. With increase of mobile devices, app development companieshave been gushing out business apps. These apps offer companies to send and receive emails, use Microsoft Office tools and task management apps among many other. These apps not only help companies to work easily but also cost much less compared to conventional business tools. With cloud technology being used rampantly in app development, companies are using apps for project management, monitoring and tracking and much more.

All that you should know about LED display boards

Flashing banners and billboards have been an essential part of marketing for many years and the latest addition to the list of visual marketing is the LED display board. LED, as it has revolutionized the world of lighting with its huge list of benefits, and hence, it is obvious that LED display boards would also come with a never-ending list of benefits, which make these display boards the most preferred choice for businessmen all over the world. Here are the top benefits of LED display boards.

led display board

Benefits of LED display boards

LED lights are very bright and have high visibility even from a long distance. This makes the contents of the LED display board readable and easily recognizable from a distance. This helps a lot to attract potential customers who would otherwise be lost in the busy streets and would never reach the desired shop. This is a big reason why LED display boards are preferred for giant screens at important places of the city or sports complexes where LIVE telecast or recorded videos are displayed for the public.

The cost of electricity that you would be incurring with an LED display board is less than 80% of what you would have to bear with the halogen or flash lights that had to be projected on the traditional billboards or banners. Display boards made of LED lights are easy to maintain as the life of LED lights is much higher than a regular lighting source.

With LED display boards, the business owner has the fill independence and flexibility to display whatever he wishes to display. These display boards can be used easily to advertise products, share important information about the product, or display real-time updates about any product or services like a spot discount offer or something. With LED display boards, one can also dare to think of displaying broadcast logos or even 3D images as some high-end display boards made of LED lights offer these benefits as well.

Types of LED display boards

There are two types of LED display boards that are available in the market these days. Indoor displays and Outdoor displays are two types. The indoor LED display boards are usually put to use in theatres, shopping malls, or showrooms and these are available in multiple dimensions, as per the requirement of the customers. Indoor installations of LED display boards are usually wall mounted, but some display boards come with an independent standing structure as well.

The outdoor LED display boards are used in freeways, open areas, sports stadiums, street crossings, etc. These are usually fitted to a structure that is fixed to the ground. Outdoor installations are also used by many shops for advertisement purposes. These are attached to the façade or rooftop to the building in a way which gives the display boards the maximum exposure to the crowd.

Dazzling graphics, bright pictures, and minimum maintenance are the USPs of LED display boards. Most companies, shops, government agencies are switching to LED display boards owing to the huge benefits that they see in the use of this modern method of broadcasting and advertising.

Surveillance Camera System That Suits You: How to Choose

The rising cases of minor to major theft have prompted many to install video surveillance no less in business premises. If you are a business establishment owner, it is the simplest step you can take to protect your investment. Even homeowners have realised the benefits of surveillance camera systems Brisbane has to offer for clients, that they have turned to companies providing these services for monitoring their own homes. A surveillance cam’s use is still more evident though in business establishments or office buildings.

surveillance camera systems brisbane

Since its introduction into the market, there have been several new products to choose from in getting a surveillance system. If you are in the market for Brisbane surveillance camera systems, use this guide to help identify which system is suitable for your needs:

Type of Lighting

It is important to assess the natural lighting conditions of the environment where you intend to have the surveillance camera installed. Hence, you can also determine how much lighting assistance you need before installing surveillance camera systems in Brisbane. Lighting plays a crucial role in choosing surveillance systems to ensure that the area covered by the camera is clearly visible. If there is proper lighting in the area, you can make the right choice when it comes to the type of camera to use that is suited for that type of environment.

Meanwhile, if the area is naturally dim, you need to give extra consideration to the camera system’s lighting functionality. Check the camera’s light sensitivity rating to see if it fits into your needs. Video cameras with day or night light settings can also come in handy for 24-hour surveillance.

Wire or Wireless?

Another important factor to look into when choosing the best surveillance camera systems Brisbane provider is the type of connectivity used. Cameras equipped with a wired connection offer a more secure and higher quality video signal as compared to their wireless counterparts. However, they are often more expensive and time-consuming to install than wireless cameras. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons for each choice when making your decision.

Indoor or Outdoor Setting

Aside from the difference in natural lighting conditions, determining the placement of video surveillance systems is also important. Other factors such as UV rays, wind, rain, heat, among others are crucial not only for quality recording, but also in maintaining the camera system.

When you decide to invest in a surveillance system for your office (or home), you need to accept the fact that you’d shoulder its maintenance cost as well. An important component here involves deciding whether you want to place your cameras indoors or outdoors, as well as how they are going to perform. If you can find a camera that is suitable for both types of settings, make sure to go for those. That way, you can use the cameras in any condition without worrying about the quality of recording and the condition of the camera itself.

If you want to get the most reliable surveillance camera systems Brisbane clients trust, ProtecSYS is what you are looking for. They have several types of video surveillance products to ensure you the best security whether in a business establishment, office or home. The company also offers upgrades and maintenance services to keep surveillance systems working at their finest state. For more details, you can check out their website at

The Importance of Choosing Professional Electricians in Perth

Every year, 15 people in Australia are killed through electrical accidents which were otherwise preventable. There are hundreds more who also incur various electricity-related injuries. It is often said that electricity does not discriminate. It can affect anyone ranging from the elderly to the infants as long as they are exposed to the dangers. The good thing is that these fatalities or injuries due to electricity are completely preventable by investing in professional electricians Perth services who are able to troubleshoot and repair or upgrade your electrical fixtures in order to ensure that they are in the best condition possible.

The best way to prevent many of these injuries and to ensure that your electrical fixtures and installations are 100% safe is by working with the professional electricians Perth service providers who have been well trained, examined and certified to provide a variety of electrical repairs and upgrade services. You need to trust this work to the most qualified and safest pairs of hands whenever you need any electrical work done in your home or business premises. It is a question of safety but you will also be able to amass significant savings when you have electrical installations that are up to date and rigorously installed and repaired by trusted hands.

When the electricians Perth service providers are licensed, they will be able to carry out repairs and upgrades with a great deal of expertise and according the set electrical standards which increases the safety and reliability of your electrical installations. Without certification or licensing, you can never be sure that the electrician that you have contracted clearly understands the relevant safety standards that your installations need to meet.

By using the services of the licensed electricians, you will be minimizing the incidences of electric shocks and other hazards that can occur in your home. You can therefore rest easy with your family knowing that you have been adequately protected thanks to the reliability of your electrical installations.

How to Verify If Your Electrician is Licensed

The good thing for the residents of Perth, WA is that it is very easy to verify if a particular electrician is licensed to carry out the task. All the licensed service providers are listed in the Western Australia Department of Commerce Licensing Search portal at So you can easily enter the relevant information about the particular electrician and you will be able to easily verify whether they have the license and certifications to offer professional electrical repairs and upgrade services in your home.

One of the most reliable Perth electricians that you can consider when looking for quality and professional Perth electrical services is the BT Electrical Service. The electricians Perth service offers an unbeatable 24/7 electrical service for the residents of Perth throughout the week. The company has a great reputation in delivering top quality electrical services for the residents over the past 25 years.

It offers its services to both commercial as well as residential premises and handles a great array of electrical services including complete house wiring, hot water, renovations, switchboards, electrical maintenance, feature lighting, factory wiring, and BCD switch installation services amongst others. For additional information about its services, check out

How to Save on Your Electricians Costs in the Gold Coast

Looking for Gold Coast electricians who can help you save up to 90% on your power bill? There are plenty of ways in which you can cut costs and ensure that your electrical repairs are affordable. But first you need to find the right professionals before you begin evaluating the affordability issues.

Electrical repairs are necessary in every home from time to time. Unless you have technical or electrical skills, these are not repairs that you can carry out on your own as they may be potentially hazardous. This is why it is always important to hire the electrical professionals to do the job. But choosing the best electricians is not a walk in the park. There are certain tips that you must incorporate to find the best electrical contractors for the job.

Watch Out Those Hourly Rates

It is very easy to be misled by the hourly rates that electricians provide and then end up paying a higher cost in the end especially if you choose a poor third rate service.  For example, the hourly rates for electrician jobs can vary anywhere from $30 to $70. While your first instinct will be to choose the cheapest rate, this can be misleading.

 It is important to have a more holistic approach to choosing a contractor so that you can look at their entire expertise and not choose them simply based on price. In other words, the hourly rate will only make sense when it is put into the context of many other factors regarding the contractors service such as the experience, skills, and professionalism amongst others.

Carry out a comparison of the travel charges of the electrician

This is another important way in which you can find Gold Coast electricians who can help you save up to 90% on your power bill. This is because the travel charges generally have a very big impact on the overall electrical repair costs. Electricians spend a lot of time navigating the traffic in order to reach their job sites and they pass on these costs to the end users.

When you are looking for the right electrician for the job and the costs are on your mind, it is important to evaluate whether the trip charge that they have quoted makes sense. It is also important to compare it against those offered by other contractors in order to determine where you will get absolute value for money.

Bundle repair jobs together

A third important way to find Gold Coast electricians who can help you save up to 90% on your power bill is by bundling the electrical repairs jobs together. Whenever there are electrical problems that are not immediately threatening, it is important to put these on a list until you are ready to call up an electrician. When you bundle the electrical jobs, it will be easier for you to save big on your electrical repairs jobs. Not only will you save money but you will also save on time.

Install Money-Saving Fixtures

Some fixtures will cost you a massive amount of money while others will not cost you as much due to the amount of power they consume. When looking for Gold Coast electricians who can help you save up to 90% on your power bill, it is also important to consider installing those fixtures that will not cost you a massive amount of money.

Partial Discharge Testing: Costs Versus Benefits

If you are running high value and high voltage electrical installations for your commercial or industrial installations, one of the things that you should consider investing in is partial discharge testing or PD testing. This is a preventive measure that will unearth potential hazards in your installations before any disastrous consequences arise from these.

PD testing is an important investment for your plant. It is no secret that if you are running a high value plant, then electrical installations will be amongst the most valuable assets in your installations. A downtime, even for a few hours, will severely affect your business bottomlines and result in catastrophic financial losses.

When operating your electrical systems at higher levels, you will have to grapple with the long-term reliability of electrical systems – including problems with partial electrical discharge. But what is partial discharge in the first place?

Before you embark into the merits of PD testing, it is important to understand what this electrical fault entails. After all, PD might occur over many years without you even realizing it.

Partial Discharge (PD)

PD occurs when your electrical insulations break down due to high or medium electrical voltage stresses. PD can be catastrophic because once the breakdown in the insulation has been initiated, the deterioration will be progressive and over time, will hit the critical point that leads to electrical disasters. This can result in million-dollar losses for your business and even loss of life.

It is partial discharge because these discharges, due to the breakdown in the insulation, occur only partially.  Usually, these last over nanoseconds or microseconds.  In the initial stages, the PD will be initiated as voids in solid insulation or bubbles where there is liquid insulation.

When these initial breakdowns increase, the PD will acquire a more sinister character – thus leading to those electrical disasters. It is important to take preventive measures and insurance against these kinds of disasters by investing in professional PD testing services.

There are numerous benefits of PD testing services for your plant installations.

Partial discharge testing is basically a predictive maintenance procedure and modern computerized testing methods can capture these waveforms with a great deal of accuracy. This will help your plants forestall future electrical disasters. Partial discharge monitoring and partial discharge measurement are usually done with the help of high-speed wideband oscilloscopes and acoustic detectors.

These can record the PD data over a duration of time. This data is then used in partial discharge analysis, which will assist the engineers in assessing the location, the frequency, the size, and the type of partial discharges.

Through these measurements, it is possible to establish the seriousness of a particular discharge and put in mitigating measures that will prevent this from evolving into a potential disaster. The PD engineers will give the most appropriate recommendations on the best steps to take, based on the PD data.

There are other benefits that you can derive from the PD testing in your plant. For example, you will be able to avoid the unnecessary rewinds on your older electrical machines. It will also be possible for you to lower any risks of in-service failures, as well as detect machine problems early to place requests for early replacements without incurring any costs.

Through PD testing, it is possible for you to optimize your resources by focusing maintenance on those machines that have higher PD levels. Thus, you will be avoiding unnecessary and costly maintenance work on your machines.

You will also be increasing the safety levels in your plant, determining corrective action with greater precision, ensuring your corrective maintenance procedure is accurate and effective, and improving the overall reliability of your systems.

Is PD testing costly?

Relative to the cost of equipment and potential losses from outages due to disasters, PD testing is usually a very small investment. Learn more about this procedure at