Gadgets and Gizmos: The Latest POS Trends

Unlike the common notion that a POS is a device, POS or point of sale is actually a period in the business transaction where the business process is done. The POS that everyone refers to like the POS at Simtek is a device that aids people making their POS reports which is also known as a cash register. It basically speeds up work, inventory and data keeping for companies especially if your company is huge. Because these things are technological gadgets, they are not exempted to the rapid ever-changing nature of the tech world. This article will give you an insight on the latest trends in this part of technology.

Electronic Wallets (E Wallets)

Electronic wallets such as Android pay and Apple pay are among the trends that are flocking the market today because they are so convenient. This eliminates lining up down the cash register. This is because you just need a scanner which can be downloaded thru apps and Android or Apple pay. Once the barcode has been scanned, it will display how much it would cost and automatically charge it to your bank account or credit card that has been tied up with your electronic wallet (Apple pay or Android Pay). So that means all you have to do is scan, and proceed with the payment: no lines, no hassle.

Smartphone and tablet POS

With over billions of smartphones and tablets produced every year and the power that comes in them, it isn’t a wonder why  companies that sell POS systems like the POS at Simtek are using these technology with their products. Not only that they are lightweight, they are much easier to maintain. In addition to that, these devices are mobile unlike the desktop computers that were commonly used for POS systems!

Another advantage that the smartphone and tablet POS systems have is the software that is used. Unlike the desktop computers that often require you to buy software from companies, you can download apps that imitate these functions at a much lesser price! There are also firms that can develop an app for you if you wish to, but, there is usually an extra charge to that because the app is going to be customized according to your company’s needs.

Chip and Pin Cards

There has been a doubt among around 10 years ago especially when an American citizen named Edward Snowden was able to expose and leaked high level classified information. A lot of people felt unsafe because if a simple man was able to get into sophisticated and secured files, how much more for credit card information which are a lot simpler. This is why major corporations such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and the likes agreed to make their cards a lot safer thus pins and chips were mandated. The POS at Simtek for example is only one of the companies that are incorporating this in their systems. Aside from pin and chip cards, some technology are even incorporating NFC compatibility with their systems.