How cleaning your Westinghouse rangehood filters extend the life of your rangehood

Like many homeowners, you may have failed to have your Westinghouse rangehood filters cleaned or changed. Admit it, when was the last time you thought about inspecting the filter in your range hood?
westinghouse rangehood filters
But there’s no reason to feel guilty, as you are not alone in facing such a dilemma. It’s never too late to check your Westinghouse rangehood filters and clean them yourself.
To be on the safe side, you can tap the expertise of professionals in cleaning Westinghouse rangehood filters Australia hardware shops offer.
The purpose of a range hood filter
The top functions of rangehood filters are to pull smoke, steam, and odours produced in cooking through the range hood. This helps maintain clean air in the kitchen.
Filters also collect grease that can develop from smoke through time and prevent it to accumulate in the vent, maintaining proper airflow. They also protect the walls in your home from turning yellow because of the smoke and prevent moisture from the steam.
Below are a few pointers for cleaning and maintaining your range hood:
Clean the air filter
There are two kinds of Westinghouse rangehood filters in Australia–the metal filter and the charcoal filter. Both of these types can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.
– For metal filters: You can just remove them and then put them in bins with a degreasing solution. The solution should cover the filter thoroughly. After the grease is removed, wash them thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
– For charcoal filters: The removal process is the same. These types of filters should be changed regularly. You should replace charcoal filters annually or when they start losing effectiveness.
Clean the air vent
Checking of the air vent should start from the hood to the exterior part. There is a possibility that grease can build up and affect the functionality of the equipment, creating a fire hazard. To ensure the safety of your home and family, contact professionals to clean the vents of your range hood. Visit at AllfixElectrical
Cleaning the fan or replacing the motor
While the motor is generally durable, it is still important to examine every part of your vent hood when doing the inspections. There are times when the motor or bearings are exposed to humidity and grease, causing them to malfunction. Once you notice the motors start acting up, you can remove the part and clean with a degreaser. If it does not solve the problem, then the motor needs to be replaced.
To prolong the health of your Westinghouse rangehood, take note of these preventive tips:
1. Clean your fan blades occasionally to prevent dirt and grease from building up. This also prevents excess stress on your motor and keep it from overheating.
2. Never discredit the value of warm soapy water to wash exposed metal. If it is really greasy, you can use a solution of ammonia and water.
3. Regularly check the vents to ensure that airflow is unrestricted. This will prevent a fire hazard to develop.
By doing these things, you can guarantee that your Westinghouse rangehood filter will last longer and will stay efficient. You may visit if you want to find Westinghouse rangehood filters or need help with fixing or cleaning the one that you already have at home. More info at