Kitchen Renovations: Tech Ideas You Should Incorporate with the Design

kitchen renovations

Technological advancements are rapidly changing what is possible in just about every part of your life, including the kitchen area. Gone are the days when the most technological items in the kitchen were timers and iceboxes. Plus, modern kitchen renovations are demanding tech factor that is not only attractive but functional as well.

kitchen renovations

So, you will find that many kitchen makeovers nowadays never leave out the technology. Below are some of the favourite ways of incorporating tech into your makeover for a kitchen that is smart.

Use a couple of drawers as charging stations

Unfortunately, few can live without their dear laptops, iPads, tablets, or smartphones even for a single hour, which makes for an interesting pattern and conundrum. Installing a kitchen charging station helps ensure that your trusty devices are always powered. A drawer as a charging station is probably one of the simplest ideas that work best thanks to its cost-effective and uncomplicated nature.

Most of your gadgets already easily fit in closed spaces like drawers and you do not have to worry about unsightly cables and ports disturbing your kitchen movements. A drawer charging station is also a secure space for your laptop, smartphone, and tablet – away from accidents like spills and fires.

Google Home or Alexa for a truly smart kitchen

Whether you are a seasoned cook or cooking novice, Google’s Home Hub and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant can always provide a helping hand. Out of the box, both technologies can help you maintain lists of to-dos and shopping, using your voice. Further, you can easily convert units of measurement, like millilitres to cups, for the best dishes ever.

Both Google Home and Alexa allow you to maintain multiple timers for the different dishes you have cooking. Kitchen renovations should make your space even more convenient using hands-free devices to preheat your oven, brew your morning coffee, or even operate precision cookers with your voice!

Install touch-activated taps

This is probably one of the most practical of innovations today. Touch-activated taps allow you to turn the water on and off simply by touching with your elbow, arm, wrist, or hand. This tech is most useful for situations where your hands are quite a mess and you do not want to create an even bigger mess while cleaning up. Speak to a kitchen makeovers Melbourne expert to see if they have something similar to offer.

Introduce a device bowl to the centre of your kitchen table

One of the smart kitchen renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs residents love. Well, the idea is as simple as placing a large bowl in the centre so that everyone sitting down for a meal must place their device in it. Using this piece of low-tech idea encourages lively conversations around the table, a tech-free mealtime, and the all-important break from technology for heart-to-heart eye contact.

Looking for more inspiration?

Introducing technology into your kitchen makes cooking and activities around the space easier and more fun. So, the next time you are thinking about a kitchen redesign, do not forget to factor in technology. For more kitchen renovations inspiration, be sure to contact MW Homes.