All that you should know about LED display boards

Flashing banners and billboards have been an essential part of marketing for many years and the latest addition to the list of visual marketing is the LED display board. LED, as it has revolutionized the world of lighting with its huge list of benefits, and hence, it is obvious that LED display boards would also come with a never-ending list of benefits, which make these display boards the most preferred choice for businessmen all over the world. Here are the top benefits of LED display boards.

led display board

Benefits of LED display boards

LED lights are very bright and have high visibility even from a long distance. This makes the contents of the LED display board readable and easily recognizable from a distance. This helps a lot to attract potential customers who would otherwise be lost in the busy streets and would never reach the desired shop. This is a big reason why LED display boards are preferred for giant screens at important places of the city or sports complexes where LIVE telecast or recorded videos are displayed for the public.

The cost of electricity that you would be incurring with an LED display board is less than 80% of what you would have to bear with the halogen or flash lights that had to be projected on the traditional billboards or banners. Display boards made of LED lights are easy to maintain as the life of LED lights is much higher than a regular lighting source.

With LED display boards, the business owner has the fill independence and flexibility to display whatever he wishes to display. These display boards can be used easily to advertise products, share important information about the product, or display real-time updates about any product or services like a spot discount offer or something. With LED display boards, one can also dare to think of displaying broadcast logos or even 3D images as some high-end display boards made of LED lights offer these benefits as well.

Types of LED display boards

There are two types of LED display boards that are available in the market these days. Indoor displays and Outdoor displays are two types. The indoor LED display boards are usually put to use in theatres, shopping malls, or showrooms and these are available in multiple dimensions, as per the requirement of the customers. Indoor installations of LED display boards are usually wall mounted, but some display boards come with an independent standing structure as well.

The outdoor LED display boards are used in freeways, open areas, sports stadiums, street crossings, etc. These are usually fitted to a structure that is fixed to the ground. Outdoor installations are also used by many shops for advertisement purposes. These are attached to the façade or rooftop to the building in a way which gives the display boards the maximum exposure to the crowd.

Dazzling graphics, bright pictures, and minimum maintenance are the USPs of LED display boards. Most companies, shops, government agencies are switching to LED display boards owing to the huge benefits that they see in the use of this modern method of broadcasting and advertising.