Lighten the Load with a Laundry Sink: 2 Things You Need to Consider

The utility or laundry sink is extra deep for vigorous washing or even water spraying with little splashing outside the basing. It is important to note that not all utility sinks are made the same, so you will want to look at the different styles and materials in the market. You also must consider the tasks that will take place at the sink and the liquids or cleansers the sink will often be exposed to.

The placement of the sink ought to be near or right next to your washer, if possible, to allow keeping your plumbing lines and drainage channel together. Unfortunately, the location you choose may lock you into specific laundry tub sizes, possibly making it impossible to install a double basin you have been admiring. This is okay since some sinks are designed to be super deep enough to comfortably handle a gravy-smeared tablecloth.

Some utility sink models come with extra features such as a second basin or a drainboard, allowing you to get more use out of them. Before you commit to purchasing a laundry sink, here are two things you need to consider.

The style

Utility sinks, like bathroom sinks, are available in various installation styles. The choice you make largely depends on your personal preferences and any extra you want. Some styles include:

  • Wall-mount – A good option that helps keep the areas of your floor clear. This variant does not need a structure like legs or cabinet attached to the bowl.
  • Freestanding – This sink is supported by bolted-on or integrated legs in washstand-style support. Some models have built-in drainboards and they are portable. You can move an entire unit wherever you want if you have a means of hooking up water and drain channel.
  • Drop-in – This is the thriftiest option as it drops into your countertop and is completed by connecting your plumbing and faucet. Further, there are no seams around the sink for grime to get caught.
  • Agitator – Some of your items may be too delicate to throw into a washer. Instead, a sink with a whirlpool tub gently agitates these items for you.

The material

Like the style, the material of your sink depends on your personal taste and intended use. However, each sink material comes with its set of advantages:

  • Stainless steel – This sink does not fade, chip, or stain, and they offer you a little give. This is a smart choice if you also like the look of gleaming steel.
  • Enamelled cast iron – One of the strongest sinks in the market, and it is resistant to staining, chipping, and scratching. The rugged cast-iron surface has a warm finish but requires enough support due to the weight.
  • Solid surfacing – Another option that is durable, stain-resistant, and capable of handling various tasks. Any scratches on the surface can be easily sanded out, but always look for a professional to do this. Since this type of sink can stain, it is best to use it for washing purposes only.

More than just soaking laundry, your laundry sink can also be used for other purposes, including bathing your pet and cleaning up after garden work. Everhard Industries has a huge selection of sinks to match your use, preferences, scope, budget, and laundry room configuration. For more information, visit their website at:

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