Surveillance Camera System That Suits You: How to Choose

The rising cases of minor to major theft have prompted many to install video surveillance no less in business premises. If you are a business establishment owner, it is the simplest step you can take to protect your investment. Even homeowners have realised the benefits of surveillance camera systems Brisbane has to offer for clients, that they have turned to companies providing these services for monitoring their own homes. A surveillance cam’s use is still more evident though in business establishments or office buildings.

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Since its introduction into the market, there have been several new products to choose from in getting a surveillance system. If you are in the market for Brisbane surveillance camera systems, use this guide to help identify which system is suitable for your needs:

Type of Lighting

It is important to assess the natural lighting conditions of the environment where you intend to have the surveillance camera installed. Hence, you can also determine how much lighting assistance you need before installing surveillance camera systems in Brisbane. Lighting plays a crucial role in choosing surveillance systems to ensure that the area covered by the camera is clearly visible. If there is proper lighting in the area, you can make the right choice when it comes to the type of camera to use that is suited for that type of environment.

Meanwhile, if the area is naturally dim, you need to give extra consideration to the camera system’s lighting functionality. Check the camera’s light sensitivity rating to see if it fits into your needs. Video cameras with day or night light settings can also come in handy for 24-hour surveillance.

Wire or Wireless?

Another important factor to look into when choosing the best surveillance camera systems Brisbane provider is the type of connectivity used. Cameras equipped with a wired connection offer a more secure and higher quality video signal as compared to their wireless counterparts. However, they are often more expensive and time-consuming to install than wireless cameras. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons for each choice when making your decision.

Indoor or Outdoor Setting

Aside from the difference in natural lighting conditions, determining the placement of video surveillance systems is also important. Other factors such as UV rays, wind, rain, heat, among others are crucial not only for quality recording, but also in maintaining the camera system.

When you decide to invest in a surveillance system for your office (or home), you need to accept the fact that you’d shoulder its maintenance cost as well. An important component here involves deciding whether you want to place your cameras indoors or outdoors, as well as how they are going to perform. If you can find a camera that is suitable for both types of settings, make sure to go for those. That way, you can use the cameras in any condition without worrying about the quality of recording and the condition of the camera itself.

If you want to get the most reliable surveillance camera systems Brisbane clients trust, ProtecSYS is what you are looking for. They have several types of video surveillance products to ensure you the best security whether in a business establishment, office or home. The company also offers upgrades and maintenance services to keep surveillance systems working at their finest state. For more details, you can check out their website at

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